Make Your Marketing Count – Ideal Customer Marketing

wordleWho are you actually marketing to?

  • How much time are you putting into your marketing at the moment?
  • Do you know where to place your marketing for maximum effect?
  • Do you market to everyone, and hope that some of your marketing will be successful?
  • What does the financial return on your marketing look like at the moment?

As busy Mums, our time is precious, so the time, money and energy that we spend on Marketing needs to be fully focused on those people who are likely to buy into us rather than marketing to everybody and hoping that some of it will stick!

To make your marketing time really effective and increase your return we need to get really specific about who you are actually marketing to.

Have you ever heard of a customer avatar? This is a great thing to create to help you when you are speaking to your audience.

What is a customer avatar?

This is a ‘pretend’ person that you will describe specifically, their age, gender, right down to giving them a name! You will be describing their traits, characteristics, and demographics.

Why create an avatar of your ideal customer?

You will know exactly who you are talking to,

You will know how to talk to them in your marketing, what tone to use, and what types of story’s to tell in your Tweets & Facebook posts, to newsletters and even your copy writing where appropriate.

You will know where to place your marketing to reach the right people who are more likely to buy into you.

You will have a better idea of what types of advertisements are suited to your ideal customer.

We buy from those people we know, like and trust. If your ‘ideal customer’ is so well thought out and described, that when they are reading your blog posts, or newsletters, and even sales letters, they get that feeling of “wow, this person knows me so well it feels like they are talking to me” then they are much more likely to read more, and have a desire to buy from you or look out for your future posts and be much more receptive to your marketing.

By writing marketing messages that speak directly to your ideal customer, you can address their fears and challenges with your solutions. This helps to establish a deeper level of trust, where you know your client better than they know themselves. Then they may even feel like they simply have to have your product or become a client of yours. They feel like you have read their mind, you have identified with their frustrations and their desires. Take the time to get into their heads and relate to their emotions.

You may find that you have more than one client type. Pick one to begin with, then you can repeat for another client type. This will help you to complete specific sales & marketing campaigns for specific ideal customer types.

To find out more about how to create your own avatar, we have a module with a series of questions to help you, and an example of how to write their story so that you know exactly how to form more of the ‘know, Like, Trust’ principle with your audience.

Our EMPOWER Group is an online support hub where we cover business topics sent to you to use in your own time (we know how busy it can be) with modules, videos and workbooks and even interviews with other experts in small business who you can model from and gain tips and ideas. There is a private forum for you to share ideas and challenges with like minded business Mums, and two local groups a month which you can attend (Don’t worry if you aren’t local, we send out all the content to you. If you like the sound of this, to find out more, simply CLICK HERE.

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To your success

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5 Top Networking Tips

Networking can mean different things to each of us, to some, the thought of networking is ‘New & Scary’. To others, its ‘Necessary & Formal’, to Me, Networking is Fun, welcoming, and supportive. I look forward to the network meetings I run, and it doesn’t even feel like networking, at times it feels like meeting with friends. Here are my top 5 tips to networking, to enhance your business:

1)      Be prepared. Know why you are there. Think about who you specifically want to connect with, why you are there. What is your outcome? Some people like to prepare an introduction that tells others about their business, some like to ‘wing it’. I’d say, speak from the heart. Engage people when you speak about your business, tune in to their problem that you have the solution to. Let me know if you would like some help with your introduction, it’s very easy to prepare.

2)      Enjoy yourself. Smile, and chat informally with people. Many people can become very ‘turned off’ by someone who simply talks about themselves and what they have to offer, I often like to ask lots of questions about the other person first, learn all about them, they will be sure to ask you too, and by this time, you know enough about them, to know if your business is relevant, or think of different things you may have to help them.

3)      Be you. I am sure you have heard the term ‘People buy from those they know, like and trust’. What better way to do business with people than to a build a lasting business relationship by getting to know each other first before we go jumping in with a formal sales pitch! Go regularly to your local networking group, so that people always know who you are, and they will come to you when they need your products or services, as they see you regularly.

4)      Take a note pad & Business Cards. Jot down names of the others at the networking meeting, as you may be able to refer them to another friend or colleague. This in itself is often a great way of networking, as the law of reciprocity means that the business you referred will be grateful of this, and keep you in mind for their friends and colleagues. Keep note of anyone you would specifically like to contact, make sure people get your business cards, but they know the person behind the card, as they could end up in another box or drawer or bin.

5)      Follow up. Make sure you book in some diary time after the meeting to follow up with the people you meet. Drop them a friendly message thanking them for the chat, remember to make it personal too, perhaps mention something about them from the conversation you had, to show how much you listened to them, and their needs. How can you make sure that they remember you for all the right reasons? If you do have a call to action, make sure you pop your link or website in your email, but remember this is the relationship building part also.

If you are nervous about networking, would like help with confidence, or getting the most out of your message and your time, drop me a line,, I’d be happy to help you. Or join us at our Mums That Care online Success Club, where we share tips, tools, tutorials and interviews, about how to be the best you can within yourself and your business.

I also run a very friendly networking group called Networking Mummies Hampshire, we always welcome new members, so just let me know if you would like to join us, or take a look at our website with more info. We offer affordable workshops to boost your business too.

For Coaching and Mentoring, check out the options available, or ask me about building your own.

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If Thoughts Become Things, Can You Think Your Way to Wealth?

You might say “There is no simple way to wealth” could there be truth in the statement above?  I would like on encourage you to watch the movie called “The Secret”. It is really an eye opening experience and what I am about to tell you in this blog is just a small part of it. The movie covers a lot of different aspects but the plot can be said in very simple terms.

Whatever you focus on will come true for you. The key is for you to see the future in advance. Feel it like it has already happened. I am not saying that this is easy to do but if you can manage to, the outcome could be absolutely phenomenal. If you want abundance and you see abundance it clearly come your way then the concept is that your thoughts become things!

To see and feel the future in advance in not something that people normally do and that is why people often live the lives that they live – without abundance. If you spend some time listening to personal development coaches or you are attending seminars or reading books, you will know that everything happens in you mind. All the outer things are formed by how you picture them in your mind.

This might sound a bit strange to you at first but, have you ever misinterpreted another person’s intentions? Have you ever reacted in a certain way in response to the intentions that you though the person had? Maybe you got angry or you got sad, but in reality that was not the person’s true meaning and the feeling that you had was caused by your own interpretation and not by the actual person’s actions.

You can control your own mind and you can decide what you feel about anything that happens. You can decide to focus on all the bad and negative things and in return feel bad and negative about it all. Or you can decide to look for all the positive things that are in everything that happens and by focusing on positive and nice things you shift your mood to being positive and nice.

This is only a small part of the “thoughts become things” philosophy and there is much more to learn. The law of attraction can be an extremely powerful force if you know how to use it and apply it. Get the book The Secret or watch the movie. It is worth it.

I can help you with changing your mindset to choose what you focus on, and to form specific plans and goals to make the right steps towards your aspirations, just check out the coaching information or contact me if you would like to discuss different options, nothing is set in stone.

Have a fantastic week, and keep feeding your mind

7 Social Media Time Saving Tips

It’s so easy to get caught up with your social media, when you sit down to do some posting, you get carried away checking out what everyone else is up to on Facebook and Twitter, and then you wonder what you achieved in the last 3 hours!

I’d love to share my favorite time saving tips with you for your social media.

1)      Pick your platforms:

How many Social media platforms are you using currently? Which ones serve your business best?

2)      Plan your social media calendar:

Use checklists or planners to think ahead about monthly themes you can use for posts and conversation topics, thing about the following:

Seasons: How could your business tie in with seasons of the year?

Celebrations: Which celebrations are relevant to your business, eg Christmas, Easter….

National awareness days: Research relevant days and add them to your calendar

Routines: What routines can you create that your target audience will remember you for?

(e.g on Twitter – Follow Friday, Silent Sunday)

Could you create a special day for your followers each week?

National Press: What are the hot topics in the news this week, share them & get people debating them on YOUR page.

We’re going to be creating our own social media calendars at our next Empower session or join our Empower group to receive printable’s and further support

3)      Scheduling Posts:

Depending on how many social media methods you prefer to use for your business, there are various different options for scheduling.

Why Schedule? – How often you get caught up in conversations on Facebook that don’t benefit your business?

Scheduling posts will make sure that your time is focused, and effective in sharing your business messages without getting lost in the noise of other feeds. Scheduling software includes: Hootsuite, Tweet Deck, Buffer, Social Oomph, Tweepi, Social Flow, Sprout Social…

NB: When scheduling to your Facebook ‘fan page’. It is recommended that you do this within Facebook itself for the best reach, as some schedulers interfere with this. This is a topic in itself, please do connect with me for more info/training on scheduling specifically.

4)      Sharing & Engaging:

Make sure that your content is engaging. (Further information and workshops available on this)

If you are purely pumping out content that people aren’t engaging with, then this isn’t the best use of your time. Instead, build up to creating great posts that create a reaction from your followers.

Think about when it may be relevant for you to share other people’s posts on facebook, or to Retweet useful content from others? This shows you are reading others posts, and supporting them, think about the law of reciprocity. You may also find articles useful for your own audience that are worth sharing. – Think about affiliate opportunities here too.

5)      Results,

Notice what’s working and what’s not – Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Clout scoring, Hootsuite analytics are all different types of useful tools to do use.

6)      Role modelling

Who is achieving the results you want to see on social media, what are they doing well? What posts are creating lots of conversation and interest?

7)      Repeat – File with subject dividers, file on the computer with content to use again next year

If you would like to know more, or looking for specific help with your social media, contact me directly, or check out our Empower group for regular modules to help push your business forward, interviews and a members only forum to share knowledge and ideas.