Empowering Interviews: Yvette Mindel


Yvette Mindel runs Internet Marketing Naturally, an online marketing company based in Hampshire. Her aim is to make sense of the online world for you. Whether you are already online or need a website from scratch, she takes time to understand your business and your current internet marketing activity and then show you how you can make the digital world work for you.

Yvette can manage the entire process to get you online, upgrade your site or re-tweak it to ensure your website works hard for your business.
She uses the latest online marketing technologies and strategies, including search engine optimization techniques, content creation, social media engagement, video, copywriting, email marketing and pay per click. If your existing website can handle it, then it’s just a matter of getting it working smoothly but if you need to upgrade or get online in the first place, IMN can work with your chosen web developer or find you someone to do the job.

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Make Your Marketing Count – Ideal Customer Marketing

wordleWho are you actually marketing to?

  • How much time are you putting into your marketing at the moment?
  • Do you know where to place your marketing for maximum effect?
  • Do you market to everyone, and hope that some of your marketing will be successful?
  • What does the financial return on your marketing look like at the moment?

As busy Mums, our time is precious, so the time, money and energy that we spend on Marketing needs to be fully focused on those people who are likely to buy into us rather than marketing to everybody and hoping that some of it will stick!

To make your marketing time really effective and increase your return we need to get really specific about who you are actually marketing to.

Have you ever heard of a customer avatar? This is a great thing to create to help you when you are speaking to your audience.

What is a customer avatar?

This is a ‘pretend’ person that you will describe specifically, their age, gender, right down to giving them a name! You will be describing their traits, characteristics, and demographics.

Why create an avatar of your ideal customer?

You will know exactly who you are talking to,

You will know how to talk to them in your marketing, what tone to use, and what types of story’s to tell in your Tweets & Facebook posts, to newsletters and even your copy writing where appropriate.

You will know where to place your marketing to reach the right people who are more likely to buy into you.

You will have a better idea of what types of advertisements are suited to your ideal customer.

We buy from those people we know, like and trust. If your ‘ideal customer’ is so well thought out and described, that when they are reading your blog posts, or newsletters, and even sales letters, they get that feeling of “wow, this person knows me so well it feels like they are talking to me” then they are much more likely to read more, and have a desire to buy from you or look out for your future posts and be much more receptive to your marketing.

By writing marketing messages that speak directly to your ideal customer, you can address their fears and challenges with your solutions. This helps to establish a deeper level of trust, where you know your client better than they know themselves. Then they may even feel like they simply have to have your product or become a client of yours. They feel like you have read their mind, you have identified with their frustrations and their desires. Take the time to get into their heads and relate to their emotions.

You may find that you have more than one client type. Pick one to begin with, then you can repeat for another client type. This will help you to complete specific sales & marketing campaigns for specific ideal customer types.

To find out more about how to create your own avatar, we have a module with a series of questions to help you, and an example of how to write their story so that you know exactly how to form more of the ‘know, Like, Trust’ principle with your audience.

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